Non-Invasive Testing

Evaluating the heart's structure and function from the outside.

Evaluating the heart's structure and function is important to maintain a heart-healthy state. Testing of the heart becomes vitally important when symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pressure or pain, palpitations, or exercise intolerance occur.

If you are having symptoms, or if you want to prevent future problems, you may be asked to undergo one or more of these non-invasive tests by the cardiologists at Consultants in Cardiology.

Stress Testing

Treadmill testing is provided to evaluate patient's exercise ability as well as to determine if coronary insufficiency is present. We have nuclear stress test facilities in our office. Pharmacologic (non-treadmill) stress testing is also offered.


Being able to accurately image the heart using sound waves (sonography) is vitally important to determining if your heart muscle and heart valves are working properly.Echocardiography is done in our office to evaluate patients with a heart murmur or evidence of heart failure.

Vascular Imaging

Carotid artery blockages can be non-invasively assessed using sound waves to obtain pictures of the arteries in the neck. Early detection of carotid disease can reduce the risk of stroke. Peripheral vascular imaging and evaluating the function of arteries in the abdomen, arms and legs can pick up serious problems and prevent catastrophic vascular events down the road.


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