Invasive Testing

Sometimes we need to get pictures of the coronary arteries.

Non-invasive testing can only go so far.... If you are having significant symptoms from coronary artery disease (like chest pain or pressure, shortness of breath with exertion), or if your stress test comes out abnormal, it may be necessary to get pictures of your coronary arteries to see if you have a blockage that needs fixing. If you have had a heart attack, or are having chest pain right now, an emergent cardiac catheterization may be necessary to save your life or minimize the damage.

Dr. Goldberg is our invasive / interventional specialist and he is available for cardiac catheterization and, if necessary, acute intervention to diagnose and/or correct a severe coronary blockage.

Cardiac Catheterization

Using x-ray contrast, the coronary arteries can be visualized and blockages can be identified.

Angioplasty and Stenting

Inserting a tiny balloon down a coronary artery to open up a blockage is one way to relieve symptoms of exertional chest pain (angina). Leaving behind a "stent" to keep the blood vessel open is the best way to ensure long term freedom from symptoms.


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