Lipid Clinic / Coumadin Clinic

Careful monitoring of outpatient labs.

Our nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered nurses are responsible for keeping track of our patient's blood levels for cholesterol. We help monitor total cholesterol and the "good" versus "bad" cholesterol levels and make recommendations for dietary advise and medication changes as needed.

We also closely follow our patients who are on blood thinners for whatever reason. Sometimes patients need to be on blood thinners if they have particular heart rhythm problems that predispose to a stroke. Other patients are on blood thinners for other reasons, usually because of a recent event due to a blood clot.

Lipid Clinic

Diagnosis and management of high lipid or cholesterol levels requires regular follow-up to adjust medications. Our nurses provide expert care and work with the cardiologists to treat your cholesterol problems.

Coumadin (warfarin)

In patients with a need for anticoagulant medications, our nurses provide regular follow-up including in-office determination of your INR to help guide the proper dosing of these blood thinners.


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