Edward R. Harback, MD, FACC

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Dr. Edward Harback joined Consultants In Cardiology in 1998 as the cardiac imaging specialist in the group. He had a successful career in biomedical engineering before deciding to pursue his first love of medicine. At that time, CIC was a highly successful, prestigious practice in Essex County that recognized the fact that Dr. Harback’s special skills and experience would be immensely valuable to their patients.

Dr. Harback is a “local boy,” born and raised in New Jersey. His mother was a schoolteacher, and his father was a technician for a local utility company. He was active in high school sports, particularly track and wrestling. He also served as President of Varsity Club. He attended Duke University in North Carolina and graduated with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. He moved back to the Garden State to pursue an M.S. degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers University. He worked as a computer systems analyst after graduating, and was involved with developing a number of technologic breakthoughs in cardiac imaging and cardiac assist devices. He decided to enroll at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and received his M.D. in 1992. He completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at UMDNJ, and remained as a fellow in cardiology there, maintaining his intense interest in medical device technology and cardiac imaging. He joined Consultants In Cardiology as soon as his training was complete, and he has been instrumental in keeping CIC at the cutting edge in the technological advances available to help care for our patients.

Dr. Harback is fully trained in both invasive and non-invasive aspects of cardiology. Board-certified in Nuclear Cardiology, he serves as co-director and NRC Radiation Safety Officer of CIC’s Nuclear Diagnostic Laboratory, one of the few ICANL-credentialed nuclear labs in Northern New Jersey. Dr. Harback also maintains privileges at St. Barnabas’s cardiac catheterization laboratory to perform necessary diagnostic procedures on coronary patients who need them. He received additional training and credentialing to perform Transesophageal Echocardiograms (TEE) to visualize the cardiac structures from within the body, and performs more of these procedures at St. Barnabas than any other cardiologist at that institution. He is currently undergoing advanced training in order to interpret the Computed Tomographic (CT) Angiogram, a new non-invasive x-ray test to visualize the coronary anatomy in three dimensions.

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Outside of his medical practice, Edward Harback remains devoted to his family. He is very involved with elementary school affairs, and devotes time to church and school related activities, fund-raising events and day-to-day operations. His wife and children are his main focus. His favorite activities include jogging and learning golf with his daughter. Edward and his daughter are both actively learning the Chinese language, and though his daughter takes the lessons, they often practice piano together.


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